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Welcome to Earth Skills...your connection to Nature!

We’re specialists in animal tracking, nature awareness, wilderness survival, plant uses, primitive skills, Native American culture and earth philosophy.

Take advantage of the many resources on this site and also join us in classes, outings and trainings. We commit ourselves especially to teach the greatest depth and breadth of tracking:

Open the door: Basic tracking, nature exploration and special trainings for novice outdoorspeople to field professionals.

Expand the skills: Gaits & track interpretation, animal movement, mammal biology, pressure releases, human tracking, trailing.

Deepen the skills: Walk with the Animal, Earth Philosophy 1-4, solo quest, practice weekends, individual mentoring.

We hope to see you!


New and Upcoming

Walk with the Animal Series begins March 24-25, open to all Basic Tracking students. (You may also begin with the May 19-20 weekend). Expand your tracking possibilities!

Upcoming classes :

March 24-25 or May 19-20 Walk with the Animal Session I
April 14 Basic Tracking
April 15 Tracking practice, no fee
April 21-22 Earth Philosophy 3
Apr. 28-29 Advanced Tracking in Joshua Tree
May 6 Moccasin Manufacture
June 2-3 Earth Philosophy 4
June 22-26 Tracking Intensive at Windy Springs
July 14 Basic Tracking
July 15 Tracking practice, no fee
July 21-22 Walk with the Animal Session II
Aug. 4-11 Solo Spiritual Quest

ANIMAL MOVEMENT PAGE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THIS WEBSITE! There are videos from our animal movement workshops and links to monographs, articles and workbooks. Including a just-released Mountain Lion Movement monograph keyed to a video showing a captive cougar fast-walking, pacing and trotting..

View Gaits for Trackers Videos for your tracking study!