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Jim Lowery

Jim Lowery founded Earth Skills in 1987 as an extension of his longtime passion for wilderness adventure. He has completed nine specialized classes in tracking, wilderness survival and related subjects from Tom Brown, Jr.'s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey, and has supplemented this study with other teachers as well as with thousands of hours in the field. Among the hundreds of classes and workshops he has taught over the past twenty-two years have been many special trainings for universities, naturalists, docents, teachers and wildlife biologists. Jim has a Masters Degree in German Language and Literature; was a writer and editor for Business Week Magazine for seven years; directed a citizen advocacy organization for ten years; and was Development Director for a large non-profit organization, prior to founding Earth Skills. He enjoys meeting and working with people of all backgrounds.

Mary E. Brooks

Mary E. Brooks, Jim's wife, has 19 years outdoors/wilderness experience and has also taken numerous courses from Tom Brown's Tracker School. She co-teaches all of the Earth Skills workshops. Her special interests are basketry, earth philosophy, and native uses of plants; she is also an accomplished tracker. In her full-time career, she is a specialist in housing policy.

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