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Earth Skills 2012 classes

Earth Skills Friends,

Wishing you a very good new year!

Thank you for your patience. The 2012 schedule of classes is posted at last! We have worked hard to design workshops this year that will get you connected to nature and advance your skills. Please check out the Earth Philosophy workshops which are underpinnings to everything else we do!

For you trackers, we've added a new Intutitive Tracking workshop, as well as an exciting Feline Tracking weekend. The five-day Tracking Intensive at Windy Springs in June will improve your technique & knowledge exponentially! And look into going back to the roots with Grandfather Awareness.

In the primitive skills area, we're offering a Moccasin class right away in February (indoors), and following that with another wild Edible Plant cooking class at the end of March. Both classes have limited enrollment. A new class in making a Primitive Stone Tool Kit will be held March 17 on an amazing private retreat parcel in the Santa Monica Mountains. Next fall before the holidays we'll be doing a Native Culture weekend allowing you to make natural & traditional gifts for family & special friends.

Our solo quest will be offered July 28-August 4; inquire early because last year we almost reached the limit of questers we could accommodate.

Currently under development --

Earth Philosophy 3 will be scheduled for fall 2012 but we haven't yet set the date. We're working on a fall Dirt Time workshop also, deciding what will work best among three or four alternatives.

As we continue adding programs, please contact us with any recommendations, or requests for special trainings.

We hope to see you in a class!

See the full schedule here.



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