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Earth Skills News June 2011


WELCOME TO THIS ISSUE OF EARTH SKILLS NEWS, an email letter detailing upcoming classes and providing some teaching about tracking, survival and related subjects.

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The May 2011 issue of Earth Skills News features articles on a longmatch or firebundle, and on looking for cottontail nests.

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Notes: Al Cornell, primitive firemaking expert, has told me every participant in his August 27 class will come away with a working bow drill kit and an Inuit strap drill kit.

June 3-5 Intuitive & Personal Skills (Earth Philosophy 1&2), open

June 10-14, Intensive Tracking Workshop at Windy Springs, 2 spots open

July 14, Plant Uses, Frazier Park area, open

July 15-17, Wilderness Skills, Los Padres NF, open

July 31 – August 6 Solo Spiritual Quest, southern Sierras, June 15 application deadline!

Summer skills weekend (take all or part):

August 26 Moccasin Manufacture, open

August 27 Firemaking with Al Cornell, open

August 27 evening Catered camp dinner & Astronomy with Glenn Miller, open

August 28 Basketry with Karen Osland & Kathy Badrak, open

See the full schedule at:


I continue to add to the monographs you can access from the website. This one is free: Tracking & the Four Directions.  Rewritten from my article in Dirt Times eleven years ago, it discusses how to discover the gifts you bring to tracking, and how to round out your skills. The monograph is available at:

We wish you good learning in the field and hope to see you in a class.




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