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Wild edibles and tracking

Earth Skills friends,

Since our Wild Edible Cooking class April 3 was filled with a wait list, I want to make available to you at no cost the recipes we used. Our menu was:

Salad with miner’s lettuce, plantain, curly dock, watercress, chickweed and mustard

Orange acorn bread

Pine nut flour crepes with rose hip fruit spread

Cream of nettle soup with potatoes

Wild mustard green pie

Curly dock pie

Pasta salad with garlic and mallow greens

Fried plantain leaves

Sauteed cleavers in won tons

Elderberry pie

Osgood pie with pecans and wild currants

Cactus fruit jelly

Natural tea assortment, 5 varieties

You can download the recipes with photos at:

Also I have just posted a free monograph about Tracking and the Four Directions. Rewritten from my article in Dirt Times eleven years ago, it discusses how to discover the gifts you bring to tracking, and how to round out your skills. The 6 page monograph is available at:

Speaking of rounding out one’s skills, my own journey in tracking included some serious challenges in the West (intuitive tracking) and the North (non-judgmental tracking). I can credit the philosophy classes Mary and I took with Tom Brown for breakthroughs in these areas. And at Earth Skills we are offering the same curriculum in our Earth Philosophy 1 & 2 classes June 3-5, 2011. You will find these workshops immensely useful! (I just taught an intuitive skills workshop for Naturalists at Large.)

Upcoming classes:

May 14-15 Dirt Time Workshop: Animal Movement. We work with horses and captive wild animals (mountain lion, bear, wolf etc.) to observe gaits and study tracks. Open.

June 3-5 Earth Philosophy 1 & 2. Based on methods that Tom Brown passes on from his mentor, Stalking Wolf, powerful and dynamic tools for grounding, centering and accessing your intuition. Open.

June 10-15 Five Day Tracking Intensive at Windy Springs. Includes Basic & Advanced Tracking, Trailing & Mapping in a fantastic tracking area. This class is half full and will be limited so that everyone gets a lot of quality tracking in.

July 8-10 Earth Philosophy 3 & 4. Open.

July 14 Plant Uses, Frazier Park area. Open.

July 15-17 Wilderness Skills. Three days of survival skills, with many projects. Open.

July 30-August 6 Solo Spiritual Quest. Application deadline is June 15!

Special training dates available

We have several weekend dates available in May and June for special trainings for your group, in plant uses, survival, tracking or intuitive skills. Write us for details.

We hope to see you in a class!




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