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Earth Skills News Mar-Apr 2011


WELCOME TO THIS ISSUE OF EARTH SKILLS NEWS, an email letter detailing upcoming classes and providing some teaching about tracking, survival and related subjects.

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The March 2011 issue of Earth Skills News features articles on interpreting nuances of the trotting horse, and on “the dance of purpose.”

Download the issue here:



The Edible Plant workshop on April 3 is full with a wait list. However, the Plant Uses class on April 2 has openings.

Apr. 2 Plant Uses, Malibu Creek, open

Apr. 3 Edible Plant Workshop, Frazier Park, full.

April 9-10 Basic Tracking in Joshua Tree. Open. Enroll through the Desert Institute:

Apr. 30 Flintknapping with Gary Baugh, Santa Monica Mtns, 7 spaces open

May 1 Fibers & Cordage (NEW), SM Mtns, open

May 14-15 Animal Movement Workshop, Frazier Park area, open

June3-5 Intuitive & Personal Skills (Earth Philosophy 1&2), open

June 10-14, Intensive Tracking Workshop at Windy Springs, open

July 14, Plant Uses, Frazier Park area, open

July 15-17, Wilderness Skills, Los Padres NF, open

All other classes are currently open, including:

July 31 – August 6 Solo Spiritual Quest, southern Sierras. Call or write for an application.

See the full schedule at:


I’ve begun to make a series of monographs available on the website, including Canid Track ID; Human Track Interpretation Methods, and Mammal Gait Analysis (Gallops, Bounds and Lopes). Also there is a free downloadable pdf file on “How to Learn Tracking” with numerous suggestions & resources. Go to:

We wish you good learning in the field and hope to see you in a class.



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