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April 30, 2014

Welcome Earth Skills Friends!

Changes to our schedule

We are offering the Wilderness Skills class this summer as a two-day intensive workshop July 12-13, making it a convenient way to learn survival basics. We'll do shelters, firemaking, cordage and many other projects. $225.

Solo Quest deadline approaching

Is this your year to quest? June 15 is the deadline for applying for the solo quest August 2-9, an amazing experience. Call us if you have any questions, from the practical to the profound.

Upcoming classes:

There are still openings in the Tracking Intensive at Windy Springs! Take all or part. This will be a real boost to your tracking skills in a fantastic tracking environment.

June 20
Basic Tracking
June 21-22 Advanced Tracking
June 23-24,
Trailing & Mapping
$498 entire series, $293 Basic & Advanced Tracking, $225 each AT and T&M

July 12-13,
Wilderness Skills, $225, open.

All other classes currently have openings.

Books available

The products page has the second edition of my Tracker's Field Guide, as well as my Walk with the Animal that covers methods for trailing animals even in challenging situations. It covers practical and intuitive techniques illustrated by 30 case stories. Some comments from veteran trackers:

"This is a great piece of work and it will be a pleasure to show it to other trackers and students."

"Just received James Lowery's new book "Walk with the Animal: A Tracking Methodology" on trailing animals. Really great!"

"Walk with the Animal is a long overdue book on tracking. It delves into very advanced techniques and ideas. This is a must read and own book."

Special Trainings :

We would look forward to talking with you about special trainings for your group. We can also schedule a PowerPoint presentation for your group about tracking & awareness, at no charge.

Field Biology Consulting:

This last fall we conducted a special weekend workshop for biologists in the San Francisco Bay Area, in distinguishing tracks of kit fox, gray fox, red fox and coyote. Please contact us if your field biology consulting firm or group would like help in survey work or training that involves tracking.


We hope to see you in a class.

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