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December 19, 2014

Welcome Earth Skills Friends!

We're working on the 2015 schedule. Here's a preview:

February 21, Shelter clinic with Christof Hagen
March 28, Wild Edible Plant Cooking
April 11-12, Basic Tracking in Joshua Tree
April 25-26, Earth Philosophy 3
May 1-3, Nature Awareness at Wind Wolves Preserve
June 12-16, 5 day tracking intensive at Windy Springs
August 1-8, Solo Quest
October 17-18, Fall Traditional Skills: Southeast Native Culture & Crafts

Other definite classes in 2015, dates to be confirmed: Medicinal Plants with Tanya Jenkins, Moccasin Manufacture, Walk with the Animal series, and Earth Philosophy 1-2.

We’re also working on other programs involving, tracking and primitive & wilderness skills. We’ll post classes as soon as dates are confirmed. Stay tuned!

Workbooks under development

I will soon make available two new tracking workbooks as downloadable pdf files, Mammal Tracking Workbook I: Track Identification, and Mammal Tracking Workbook II: Gaits & Track Interpretation. The latter will link to six new gait videos that I have compiled for on-line viewing.

Walk with the Animal interview

Thanks to Steve Fortin and Garth Oldman, I did a 53 minute interview & disussion on Walk with the Animal on BlogRadio. It can be listened to at

Special Trainings :

We would look forward to talking with you about special trainings for your group. We can also schedule a PowerPoint presentation for your group about tracking & awareness, at no charge.

Field Biology Consulting:

Please contact us if your field biology consulting firm or group would like help in survey work or training that involves tracking.


We hope to see you in a class.

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