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Links to Other Resources


Tom Brown, Jr.'s Tracker School
Frank and Karen Sherwood's Earthwalk Northwest (Washington State)
Mark Elbroch's Wildlife Trackers
Jon Young's Wilderness Awareness School (Washington State)
Walnut Hill tracking (Massachussetts)
Malcolm Ringwalt's Earth-heart program (vision quests)
Headwaters Outdoor School (Northern California)
School of self-reliance (Southern California)
Christof Hagen's Survival Outdoor School (Switzerland)
Boy Scout Resources
Spiritual Retreats with Allyson Rice
Nature and Community programs for urban children in L.A.: The Wildwoods Foundation
Kim Cabrera's Beartracker Den (with links & resources)
Primitive technology demos, events and links at
Santa Barbara's Wilderness Youth Project


Golana' (outstanding Native American flute music)


Native Way (primitive skills products)

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