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"The connection to Nature through hands-on skills is our culture's life line to what is true and meaningful. We see this relevance every day, in every student. We hope to see you in a class."

—Jim Lowery

2015 schedule is currently in planning

Here's a preview:

February 21, Shelter Clinic with Christof Hagen
March 28, Wild Edible Plant Cooking
March 29, May 16-17, September 20 Walk with the Animal Series
April 11-12, Basic Tracking in Joshua Tree
April 25-26, Earth Philosophy 3
May 1-3, Nature Awareness at Wind Wolves Preserve
May 31, Medicinal Plant Medicine Cabinet with Tanya Jenkins
June 12-16, 5 Day Tracking Intensive at Windy Springs
August 1-8, Solo Quest
September 12-13 Earth Philosophy 1-2
October 17-18, Fall Traditional Skills: Southeast Native Culture & Crafts

Other definite classes in 2015, dates to be confirmed: Medicinal Plants with Tanya Jenkins, Moccasin Manufacture, and Summer Skills Series .


Clicking on any class will take you to a description of that class. Download a full schedule in pdf.

Date Class Prerequisite Location Cost
Feb 22
Medicinal Plant Workshop None FP $75
Feb 23
Winter Tracking Clinic Basic Tracking FP $55
Mar 22
The Day Scout Class None SMM $55
Mar 23
Walk with the Animal Session 1 Basic Tracking SMM $395 all 3 sessions
Mar 29
Edible Plant Cooking
None FP $75
Apr 5-6
Basic Tracking in Joshua Tree None JT $110
Apr 12-13
Arrow Making with Gary Baugh None TBD $185
Apr 26-27
Earth Philosophy 3 (Community Skills Workshop) EP 1 & 2 FP $165
May 17-18
Walk with the Animal Session 2 Basic Tracking FT $395 all 3 sessions
June 7-8
Earth Philosophy 4 (Razor's Edge Workshop) EP 3 LPNF** $210
Jun 20-22
Basic Tracking + Advanced Tracking None / Basic Tracking WS $68 + $225
June 23-24
Trailing & Mapping Advanced Tracking WS $225
Jul 12-13
Wilderness Skills None LPNF** $225
Aug 2-9
Solo Spiritual Quest None WS Call
Sep 6-7
Earth Philosophy 1 (Intuitive & Personal Skills) None LPNF $40 donation
Sep 13
Basic Tracking None SMM $68
Sep 14
Walk with the Animal Session 3 Basic Tracking FP $395 all 3 sessions
Sep 27-28
Fall Native Culture Weekend: Algonquin Crafts & Food None MK $170 adult
$50 children
Oct 11
Gaits Workshop Basic Tracking FP $75 / $180 both
Oct 12
Wolves Workshop Basic Tracking FP $115 / $180 both
Oct 24-26
(Fri eve-Sun)
Basic Tracking at Desert Studies Ctr None DSC $325 credit, $245 non-credit
Dec 6
Basic Tracking None SMM $68

** Under Special Use Permit with LPNF; we operate on a non-discriminatory basis.

SMM = Santa Monica Mountains
FP = Frazier Park area
LPNF = Los Padres National Forest
WS = Windy Springs Preserve
WW = Wind Wolves Preserve
JT = Joshua Tree
MK = Mt. Kare Camp in Wrightwood
FT = Ft. Tejon State Historic Park
TO = Cross Bull Ranch in Topanga

We hope to see you in a class.

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