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Monographs on This Website

Mountain Lion Movement Study by Jim Lowery, $8.00. Study of a cougar’s gaits and track patterns created under controlled conditions, with detailed analysis and photos of the resulting track patterns.

Gait Analysis: Gallops, Bounds and Lopes by Jim Lowery, $5.00. These gaits are thoroughly described and illustrated in this 11-page monograph. Beyond gait classification, this treatise shows how to evaluate track patterns for speed, leg movement sequence, front and hind leads, airborne phases, three and four-beat gaits, and body posture.

Mammal Tracking Workbook II: Gaits & Track Interpretation, $9.75. This digital file which can be studied on your tablet, laptop or desktop, contains extensive discussion, exercises, photos and quizzes to help you become confident in interpreting track patterns and precisely visualizing the animal’s movement.


Animal Movement Articles from Earth Skills News (free download)



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Understanding animal movement and being able to accurately visualize it from tracks is an important skill that opens tracking to its proper depth. Through our own study and from teaching many animal movement workshops, which utilized horses, dogs and captive wild animals, we’ve compiled some videos, monographs, articles and links to assist your study.

Go to the Gaits for Trackers page to view those six videos, and to the Class-Description-Tracking section of this website to see upcoming workshops on this topic.