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Following are links to free downloads of Earth Skills News:

September 2014: Black bear biology for Trackers I: Growth & development, Hand drill firemaking in CA and the Southwest

May 2014: Bolas design & Function, Ski with the animals: Track patterns in powder, Bounding marten, slinking lynx: Picturing animals from patterns in the snow

February 2014: Practical Tobacco (Gathering, growing & using ceremonial tobacco),Beyond the Wall: Nature Connection Techniques from Recent Classes

September 2013: An Aboriginal tracker story (Australian), Medicinal plant preparation: dandelion and plantain

May 2013: What's in a stride (track ID and animals' personalities), Quick camouflage

February 2013: Juvenile animals' tracks, Traditional duck decoys

October 2012: Ringtail tracking; Cordage and other uses of narrow-leaf milkweed

The Solo Quest Reprint from Winter 1995-96 Dirt Times, describing some background about vision quests in different parts of the world

April 2012: Primitive Stone Tool Kit, Uncommon Felid Tracks I, A Bobcat Prey Drag

December 2011: Tracking a Little Bighorn; Cooking on a Green Willow Grill

September 2011: A coyote urination story; Making bone tools

June 2011: Constructing a Longmatch; Looking for Cottontail Nests

March/April 2011: Nuances of the Trot; The Dance of Purpose

February 2011: The Yupik Owl Dance; How Not To Look For Tracks

January 2011: Walking the Labyrinth; Tracking Bats

December 2010: Elk Tracking; Arrow Straightening

May 2010: Learning from the Hand Drill; Personal Medicine

December 2009: Deer, Deer; Human Tracking

July 2009: The Moving Foot (4D tracking); Archeology Tour

April 2009: Mountain Lion Thoughts; Wild Edible Plant Recipes

February 2009: Snow Tracking Opportunities; Snow Tracking & Animal Behavior


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